Valentine’s Day cards 2018

from february thirteen to 15, the ancient romans celebrated the banquet of lupercalia. many believe that the origins of valentine’s day may be traced back to this historical pageant of fertility. to commemorate the event, roman guys sacrificed goats earlier than the usage of their furs to lash women inside the perception that this would lead them to fertile. a few historians have argued that at the end of the fifth century, pope gelasius i declared february 14 as valentine’s day in an try to reclaim this festival of the romans and christianize it.

it isn’t always clean to what valentine Day cards was at the beginning devoted at the moment, seeing that two saints with this call proportion the day of the ceremonial dinner of february 14. each of these saints have been martyred in rome; saint valentine of terni round 197 advert and saint valentine’s day of rome round 496 advert

many legends had been recorded about this last valentine, however it’s far very likely that they’re apocryphal. these encompass the tale that valentine fell in love together with her jailer’s daughter while incarcerated for helping the prisoners. in step with this story, valentine wrote his inamorata a signed word “of his valentine”: the first greeting of valentine. but, even though this fanciful story is convincing, it’s miles not going to be authentic.

the following milestone inside the records of valentine’s day befell in 1382, when geoffrey chaucer wrote his poem parlement of foules. this poem includes what is widely mentioned to be the first recorded instance of valentine’s day this is connected to romantic love. this reference can be found inside the lines:

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